[Emissary Keylogger Full]Hack Remote Computer GMail Facebook Hotmail MSN Account By using Emissary Keylogger

  1. first u must have the emissary keylogger in ur system. and Net Framework installed bcoz keyloggers wont work without this.
  2. then u have 2 create fake account at google. its use is this when u hack a person his  data will be mailed to ur account.
  3. ok when u do these 2 Now open the the Emissary Keylogger.
  4. their you can see Gmail User Name. and below it Gmail Password. PUt the gamil account with password their . Bcoz  this will confrm itslef that the mails have 2 sent for ths account or not..
  5. when u put their u can see Test Mail.. just click on it . it will be blink for a minute and then a window will appear and saying "Message has sent. Check your mail." then check ur mail is their a msg recieved from the emissary. if not then try again bcoz u hv enterd the pass or id wrong.
  6. After it below u can see Server Namme in the bracket will be written "sever.exe" well u can change the name like Nav.exe..NOTe  u can only change server but not .exe  e.g..  NAv.exe.
  7. Below that is Interval .. IT means that what u want in how much minutes the mail come to u from the victms pc. i like to give it 3 bcoz this is gud.
  8. At the End u can see  Build Server. just click on it and i file will apear at ur system by then name u have given in server name . and it will be at the same directory where the emissary keylogger is..
  9. NOW the file is created with u.. Give that file to the victm who u want to hack If he OPens it then he will be hacked..
  10. If u are worried how can i gave them . Then post it to the free web hosting space like www.mediafire.com

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