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Facebook Recently made some changes in their Facebook fan pages and trust me i like it very much because now you don't have to take pressure about your page if your pages have more than 1 admin . yeah its true..!!
Because before if you made another admin on your page , your partner admin got the same power as you have i.e they can remove from your page and that's sad because you do a hardwork on building fans on your page .
Facebook Recently Added a new feature named " Admin Role "  you can see that option .
  • Open page --- > Edit page ---> Admin Role 

Ok let me tell you more about this feature . Go to Admin role tab , now see you can set job to your partner admin .

  • Manager
  • Content Creator
  • Moderator
  • Advertiser
  • Insight Analyst 
Fan Page Manager : You can call him the President of Page and he is probably the one who is reading this article right now . He has all the powers which others admin don't have , he can add or delete page admins .
Whats his job ? 
  • Add or delete admins .
  • Assing role to admins.
  • Edit page info 
  • Create post / add apps / add videos / add pictures .
  • Delete or Respond to comments .
  • Create ads.
  • send message as page 
He can do almost everything that you do now as admin .
What he cant ? 
  • Delete other admin and get full control on page .
Content Creator : its name says it all . Content creator is like a write of a fan page , he can write status / add pictures / videos .
Whats his job ?
  • Edit page info 
  • Create post 
  • Create ads
  • Respond to comments 
  • Send message as page 
What he cant ? 
  • Add or delete/ Assing role to admins .
 Fanpage Moderator : His task is to make the fan page clean . To respond or delete some bad posts from the wall .Whats his job ? 
  • Respond or Delete Comments .
  • Send Message as page
  • Create Ads 
What he cant ? 
  • Add or Edit apps
  • Assing / add or delete Admins
  • Cant create post , status etc .
Fanpage Advertiser : Its clear for the name , the fanpage advertiser handle the advertising stuff related to your fanpage .
What's his job ?
  • View Insight
  • Create ads 
What he cant ? 
  • Nothing except the two tasks mentioned above .
Fanpage Insight Analyst :: His task is boring because it deals with all the insight and all . 
What he can do ?
  • Track the insight of page 
What he cant ? 
  • Nothing except the tasks mentioned above .
So i guess now you are fully understand this new feature ? So guys don't have to worry about your page , Make yourself as manager and if you want to make other admins then allot him another task except the Manager .  

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