Latest Security Flaw in Skype Enables IP address & Location Tracking -Software Bazar

Surprise surprise! There's a new flaw in the 'system' that tracks down the user's location through their IP address.

It has been reported that any skilled hacker can now find out the location of a user logged into their account. This gives us another reason to be 'extra careful' when using programs and softwares that help us communicate with our loved ones and a few not-so-loved!

The company, however, is trying to recover from the shock and claiming that the ability to derive IP addresses was common with all web based communication clients. They probably don't know how terrifying this can be for some people. A massive security and privacy breech, i mean, c'mon!!

Adrian Asher, Skype's chief information security officer, said:

Just as with typical Internet communications software, Skype users who are connected may be able to determine each other's IP addresses. Through research and development, we will continue to make advances in this area and improvements to our software.
The blind spot can be abused by many a proficient hacker and that too, on a massive scale. This was observed by the company when they demonstrated to millions of users how their location can be tracked.

We feel comfortable saying that we have gotten pretty used to third party apps and programmes misusing their privileges. But the information we provide is worth being taken notice of. We request our readers to think twice before doing anything that we ask you NOT TO DO.

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