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Facebook is on a roll in launching new features and we have been busy analysing them.There is not a single new features which hasn’t created buzz over the internet.But to my amusement only a handful people noticed that facebook Poke button is no longer visible in new profile page.
Either people are not bothered to discuss this change or they are not aware about it.Anyways Poke never gained wide acceptance or usage as people were not aware about its function.On Facebook help page Poke is described as
“The poke feature can be used for a variety of things on Facebook. For instance, you can poke your friends to say hello.”
So, there is no clear meaning why your Friend or a stranger poked you.

How to Use Poke in New Facebook Profile? - Software Bazar

If you loved the Poke button then there is good news for you as it is not completely removed by facebook.It is now just hidden from direct eyes.The Poke option is now visible behind the settings button.

To poke somebody,just visit his profile then click on the Gears (settings) icon.You will see the Poke option

According to my guess it seems as if Poke is going for a slow death.By removing the Poke button from profile poage its usage will decrease  to more lower levels.People will soon forget that there was even something called”Poke” and then it can be completely removed from facebook.

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