Free Ping Services

This section provides you with a number of free ping services that you can use at absolutely no cost online. Feel free to ping your website or your web properties using these tools.
Next to each service is displayed the number of sites that are supported by the service for pinging. Take note that some sites ping other sites, for example sends pings to Pingomatic. In such cases, the total number of services being pinged at Pingomatic is added to the total of Each website pinged is only counted once.
Also, services are sorted in order, from most number of sites pinged to least number of sites pinged. Some sites being pinged by the services may be down or broken though…

Total Services Pingable: 159
The free service that supports pinging the most number of services, PingBlogs also automatically pings KPing, Pingomatic and Pingoat for you, thus leading to a higher number of total services being pinged overall.

Total Services Pingable: 137
PingThatBlog supports pinging a massive number of sites as well, including helping you to ping Pingomatic too. However, quite a number of sites are not working for it, which may lead to a lower number of pingable sites than they actually support.

Total Services Pingable: 91
Pingler has quite a large number of services that it pings to. It also allows you the option to add more ping services to the list or to use your own list if you desire to do so. However, the number of services that you can enter into the list is limited to 100.

Total Services Pingable: 67
PingMyBlog has a good number of pingable sites. The majority of the sites being supported are general English sites, with a few non-English sites and a handful of specialized sites.Supports pinging Pingomatic as well.

Total Services Pingable: 61
BlogBuzzer is partially based on the pinging of English and non-English sites. About 50% of the services supported are split between the two, with only a few specialized sites being supported.

Syncr>> Syncr
Total Services Pingable: 55
Syncr supports pinging Pingomatic and Pingoat. The majority of the services being reached are general English sites. Quite an average number of sites pingable through this service.

Total Services Pingable: 52
TotalPing is partially based on the pinging of English and non-English sites. About 50% of the services supported are split between the two, with only a few specialized sites being supported.

Total Services Pingable: 47
FeedShark is quite a good site because other than just pinging your site URL, it also allows the ability to ping your RSS feeds and podcasts to feed and podcast directories for inclusion.

Total Services Pingable: 47
Another popular online pinging services, Pingoat supports pinging a fair number of other sites. Supports a good number of non-english services and specialized services.

Total Services Pingable: 39 supports pinging of a fair number of sites as well. Mostly pings general sites, with a good share of supported non-English and specialized sites.

Total Services Pingable: 38
Pingates supports pinging of a good number of sites. Mostly pings general sites, with supported non-English and specialized sites being low in number here.

Total Services Pingable: 33
FeedPing supports pinging of quite a very low number of sites. It supports pinging Pingomatic as well, but at the same time it pings all the sites supported by Pingomatic itself, thus leading to a lower total number.

iPings>> iPings
Total Services Pingable: 31
Low average on the number of sites able to be pinged through iPing.

Total Services Pingable: 30
PingsALot only supports pinging of a few sites, thus making it very limited in nature. Number of supported services is similar to Pingomatic, and is quite low.

Total Services Pingable: 25
Pingomatic is one of the most popular online pinging services, though its number of supported services is quite limited. Also allows pinging of specialized services such as audio sites.

Mass Ping Services

In the previous section, we covered a number of services that provide free pinging. However, all of those services only allow you to ping one URL or site at a time. This section covers services that allows you to ping a larger number of URLs at once.

Total Services Pingable: Unknown
Unlike the other services mentioned above iPing supports mass pinging a number of different URLs. Would be useful if you have a lot of URLs you want pinged. However, the sites being pinged are unspecified.

Total Services Pingable: 25
A very useful pinging services that also supports creation of RSS feeds, as well as submission of your RSS feeds to various RSS directories. Can ping hundreds of URLs fairly quickly.
Total Services Pingable: 24
A simple mass pinging services that allows you to ping a mass of URLs. Also provides pinging of specialized services. You may paste URLs directly or upload them as a text file

Specialized Ping Services

Services in these section are more specialized, and can only be used for certain sites or situations.

Total Services Pingable: 7
The SquidUtils pinger is specialized in providing pinging only for Squidoo Lenses. It supports a very low number of pingable sites though. Also, it will only ping lenses that have been updated very recently.

Opt-In Ping Services

The services in this section require opt-in or membership in order to use. For some, that may be a bit troublesome due to the need for logging in or out when using the service.

Total Services Pingable: 164
Ping4Free supports pinging a massive number of websites. However, it requires an opt-in in order to get the username and password required for membership. It may be cumbersome to use as you need to log-in before you are able to use the service.

Paid Ping Services

KPing>> KPing
Total Services Pingable: 120
KPing supports pinging of a very large number of sites. However, it is a paid service and costs $7 a month if you want to use it.

Total Services Pingable: 8
FeedShot is a very small service that support pinging only a very few number of sites. Each ping will cost you $1.99, which is probably not the best investment, given other sites that support a much greater number.

WordPress Ping List

If you are using WordPress, you have the built-in functionality of automatically pinging and notifying services each time you update your blog with a new post, or if you simply just update an old post. The Ping list that comes prepackaged is quite limited, so here is a larger ping list that you may decide to use to your benefit.
To add this list to your WordPress blog, go to your Control Panel > Settings > Writing, and add it to the update services field at the bottom.

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