BlocGger Hack To Increase Your COmment - hack bazar

Hi friends today i am going to make you learn a hack for blogger which you can use for fun in your blog.I am sure some will love it for sure but use it for fun only in your blog.Its funny hack for blogger comments count, as with it you can increase your comment count for all blogger posts with any fixed count you want.Got confused :) no need to worry, i will explain you.Suppose your blog post have have 0 comments, i will make it possible to readers to show 1000 comments or any number you want, so cant wait to implement it.I think i should proceed to the tutorial so that all of you can enjoy this funny hack in your blogger.

You can also check the demo for this hack here as you will see the comments count to be 9760 here for all posts or more.

1. Sign in into your blogger account and go to Design > Edit HTML

2. Look out for </b:skin> tag

3. Add the following code before it


4. Now save the template and view your blog

Hurray now your post having 0 comments will show up 760 comments.Its really fun.

You can change 76 to any number you want.Try using it and have fun.

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